lundi, avril 11, 2016

What To Do When Being University Student

Being a university student at the first time scared me a lot. I always thought that university is the highest level of education so that I had to take more time and be serious to our study. Books, papers, presentations and researchs wait us to be done immediately in class and even in our crib while our body need some relaxation. It sounds creepy, but that's a real time story that every students nowadays should pass!

To relax yourself from the struggles you've to face, here are the #WhatToDoWhen being university student:

1. Active in Student Organization

When I was struggling myself on the new things that I never studied before in high school, I was thinking that being involved in a student organization was more exciting than being trapped-focusing on our study. I know it might take times and energy for your busy yet exhausting life of university student, but I felt great when I was actively member of a student organization, like seriously! All we have to do is to arrange and manage our time for our campus life and for our organization. We have to think that our spare time is not wasted by doing nothing but by energizing positive energy to everyone involved in that organization. It's really necessairy to think like that, since that some of us might feel bored sometime. 

2. Exchange Program

I shouldn't add this one, because I didn't make it when I was student, lol! But, hey I got so much energy from my friends who have passed months, years for some exchange! There are plenty of exchange program that you can take part even though you're not a foreign language student! Ask to your alumnae or even do it by yourself by searching those offers in the Holy Internet, You should take part on this program since there weren't any bad side if we make it or didn't make it. If you make it, then congratulations, you're one step forward from your friends. If you don't make it. don't be sad, the experiences and the networks you gained during the selection were also precious and endless. You can even enlarge it, by the way.

3. Representing University

Representing some universities accross Indonesia

It sounds amazing when you're elected to become a representative of your university. You might then be a face of university to public. You're demanded to do some competition. making preparation, etc. But those things could be your strength to approaching or even realizing your dreams, because it attires us to have more connections or networks in the future. We'll have more friendships and relation that we should keep up. 

4. Being Vocal

Why should I represent my university while I'm just sitting down with my alma? I might then suggest you to walk down the street and being vocal on the issue you're interested in. This is not just about how we can develop ourself by always rooting on our interest but also about society in the future. Can you imagine how big is your influence or impact to the society while you're vocal on humanity, tolerance, and even souvereignity of everyone? This could boost you to be critic!

5. Internship or Part-time

Internship or Part-time are two things which needs even more energy and well time arrangement. Internship might ask you to postpone your study or even disturbing your presence in class. And part-time needs a person well equiped by some multivitamin or so. Those activities are the hardest part of your choices to choose because it might about experience or money that you might consider as a chance, but think more about the transportation, the times you've to prepare to and from your university to the office or place you're in. I suggest you to take a summer holiday internship, so you might have some activities which are paid while you're in holiday.

So, which activities that you're in? Tell us on our comment board!

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