jeudi, juin 18, 2015

Travel the Needs Project

Travel the Needs -

About the Project

Travel the Needs is an environmental project which is aiming to conserve the environment and enhance the awareness of environment and tourism issues to the society. I choose this project because nowadays people are about forgetting the important role of nature for their economic activity. We travel a lots; we like to visit and stay in touristic places, but we don't mind the environment nearby. Most of touristic places in Indonesia is having this problem; garbage, trash and even dirty places. Who's the responsible of those things? For sure, that's all the responsibility of everyone! Not just the visitors nor the managers of those places. We need to work together to make the Mother of Nature feels what it should be; fresh, clean and natural. So, I need to start this action by making this campaign in the spots where people loves to visit.

How It Works?

This project is a biking travel from Bali to Lombok.
I will start the voyage from Ubud, Bali and finish it in Mount Rinjani. 
While biking, I will not just pass away the places but I will try to connect to society where I will stop, then I'll give them a new perspective about the important of balancing nature with tourism. Besides that, I will also try to stay on the places I'll pass and help the people's daily works. (This is so imperative because by knowing people's needs, we can find out an innovative way). 
Whats on my mind about this project is I'll work together with people to make a sign campaign (like a dashboard) in places where trash and dirty environment are the problems. The sign is not just "Throw your trash in garbage" but we will try to make a new magical words (maybe like wisdom words) to make people reflects on what will they do in that place. So, we warn people by being wise and friendly.

The duration of this project depends on how long and how much places I will pass. But, I'm guessing it'll take 1 month of travel.

I hope that everyone can join me on this adventurous and environmental voyage!

You can help me by aiding me! 
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Thank you!


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