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#1 French Factors

#FactsOfFrenchLearners: once you say that you are able to speak French, once you'll be appreciated as "a person". French is one of the guidance of luck and success for me beside my faith to Allah and its sunnah. Recently named as a first runner-up in national writing contest and second runner-up in regional contest, were examples that French is really appreciated and respected in non-francophone countries.

- National Contest -

National writing in French competition held by Institut francais d'Indonesie was one of my chance to proof my writing skill in French. In that La Francophonie 2015's competition, I was placed as a second winner. Although I didn't win the chance to take a summer course in Lille, France (for the 1st winner), I'm grateful that I receive an extensive course in Institut Francais d'Indonesie for 52 hours and a voucher in Marche Restaurant from Swiss Embassy. My friends told me that I might be proud of it, but until now, the feeling being the first runner-up made me curious to join another competition and to improve more myself on French.

- Regional Contest -

Recently, I past three days of quarantine in Wisma Pemuda dan Olahraga Bogor in the GOR Padjajaran Area. This quarantine is one of the qualification that candidates might attend for being "Pinilih Kota Bogor" in Pertukaran Pemuda Antar Negara (PPAN) 2015 (Youth Exchange Program).   For this occasion, candidates might prepare themselves for writing, english test, and aptitude test. In aptitude test, I already practiced a classic Sundanese dance few days before the quarantine began, but when I was about arriving in the dormitory, I was thinking that the people were already prepare themselves for the best. Some of them brought the materials needed for their performance and some of them were not ready yet with their performances. Same here like me, I wasn't ready yet for that test cause I couldn't remember and move good enough for the dance. Thought that the test might show the Sundanese culture, I searched some Sundanese poetry. But yeah, I thought that reading poetry with my bad accent in Sundanese would destroy my performances, also I didn't understand much about the words on the poetry I've searched. So, I decided to ask the mentor of the program what was the best performance should I prepare at that time. Then I told him that I got two options; performing Sundanese I've practiced before and declamation of my French poetry. Then he asked me to do my second option; declamation of French poetry. He thought that the most important think in that test is to show off your talent and just be ourselves. My French skills were my opportunity to be unique from others candidates. Then after that, I prepare myself to that decision. In the night, while my friends (also my competitors) were hanging out, enjoying the night, I prepared myself to make a concept for my performance. 
So, I found music which was fitted for my perfomance. The music was also the back sound of my performance during my Production Orale 4 test with Madame Amalia in campus. That was, Les Choses de la Vie

On the night of aptitude test, I'm one of the last candidates. I was really worrying my aptitude that I would bring at that time. Everybody showed their talent with some of Sundanese culture or even another Indonesian culture. Me? A French poetry which hadn't any affiliation with any kind of Sundanese nor Indonesian culture. Shame on me!

But then, when the jury called me. I just tried to be calm and just let the audiences yelling at me. The performance just gone faster, my friends and juries didn't even understand what I said. In the last of my performance, the juries asked me about the mean and the message of my poetry. And yeah, in the last of their judgements, one of the jury told me that I got a writing talent and once I have to do is to fight my laziness. Oh yeah! I was feeling relief after that.

Then when Pak Suherman called me as a second runner-up, I was truly glad and hyper fantastic! I never thought that I would win at that moment, because the others candidates were more talented than me. Then I came along in front of the juries and candidates AND the juries, Pak Herman, Akang (who went to Papua,  I don't remember his name) and Pak Tonny asked me to thank in French. And yeah, FRENCH FACTOR really happened at that time (AGAIN). 

I'm glad for achievements I've got in this year. I've always dreamed to be a winner in some competition when I was in elementary school and high school. And now, I realized those dreams. It's because of my passion in French and internationalism that guide me to reach my dreams, beside of my faith to Allah and its sunnah. 

What I learned from all those lucks was the motivation that we should build to live our dream. Foreign language shouldn't be a menace for our nations' future, but it's a window of the world so we can enlarge our perspective of the world. By learning foreign language, we will not trapped in only one view of culture or world but we will see the world in other view so we will see the world in beautiful way not a threat. So, for everybody especially young generation, we shouldn't just just build our nationalism but also internationalism. Nationalism without internationalism is like a static fan hanging on wall. It's always boring and just dull. We can't do nothing.

Lupita Nyong'o said in her speech during her Oscar that "NO MATTER WHERE YOU'RE FROM, YOUR DREAMS ARE VALID!"

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