samedi, mars 12, 2011

The interview: ROKA RONY

Roka Ronnie is one of my friends in Twitter. He likes art in clothing. He likes imagination and a stray-away from what has been already made, when it comes to fashion. He's creating an article completely by his hand.
He sugested that the clothing made by hand isn't difficult to sew by hand.His inspiration in fashion is Jimmy Page, the guitarist of Led Zeppelin. He do paint. His style in paint is mixing colors and dotting a sequence of figure.

Oh! He blogger too, you can visit here, ROKARONY.

Here are ROKA RONY style

7 commentaires:

  1. I think he's also a good friend of Jane of sea of shoes right ?

    hey I found your blog on the fashionspot !!


  2. I don't exactly know who's his friend haha but he is really artistic in his blog. Yeah I added my blog there, so fashionist can visit my blog :) thank you for visit and comment. best of luck for your life :)

  3. what an interesting blog!!i'v just discovered it!!
    Come and follow me if you like my blog?i'd be very happy!
    i wait u!

  4. Aww than you Sabrina, your blog is cool and great. lots of fashion ornament there. I like your soul in fashion and the way you dressing :)

  5. Thanks for sharing, I really like his style and I'm glad I know about his blog now!!