samedi, mars 12, 2011

The Interview: Associate Fashion Features Editor, VARUN RANA

This is my first time, interviewed a magazine people. My pleasure to have the conversation with Associate Fashion Features Editor at Harper's Bazaar India, Varun Rana. I'm following him then he following me. He's really friendly though I didn't meet hime yet.

He is graduated from National Institue of Fashion Technology, India. Then he starting his career as the assistant in several Indian designers. Then in the 5 years ago, he's starting his career in Harper's Bazaar India. He's one of the 5th people who work here. In the first day of his career, there were only a few people working for the writing and the editor. 
American Harper's Bazaar is an old magazine, it was 140 years old. So Indian Harper's Bazaar carry a load of history on their young shoulders. Harper's Bazaar India is talking about fashion, culture, the arts, travel, and luxury lifestyle. The Harper's Bazaar India shoot Bollywood actresses. They prefer using Indian actresses than the model in India. I got the new learn from the interview that the journalist should not have a favourite brand.

MERVEILLEUX: Can you talk a little about Indian lifestyle? And how Harper's Bazaar works for India
VARUN: India has always been a land of luxury, rich culture, and a lifestyle that is not possible anywhere else in the world. I always joke with my friends abroad that just like everyone in the West has a Doctor, Lawyer, Chartered Accountant, and Shrink, we have all those AND our personal Tailor, Jeweller, Embroiderer. It's very surprising for many people to know that in India, it's very common to have everything 'Made to Measure'. It's a way of life. Along with that, we have a fabulous wealth of handicrafts and textiles that often inspire designers from across the world. Ikat is an example. Recently, Dior, Gucci, and Dries Van Noten have used Ikat textiles and prints...and Ikat is something I have always seen my mother wearing.

 It's really nice to talk with him. Indian is amazing and the culture is the unique one. Different than the others. Xoxo India

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