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 MERVEILLEUX: Hi Michael, thank you for giving me the time to interview you. First off all, I'll ask you about your life. How is your life? Are you in college now?
MICHAEL:Yes actually. Im at New York University for Communications. Its very important to me to continue my education as long as possible.

MERVEILLEUX: Do you have a girlfriend?
MICHAEL: Hahah getting right in it with the personal questions I see. I do not have a girlfriend- too busy.

MERVEILLEUX: Your photos are great!!! Tell me who's your favorite photographer?
Oh my favorite photographer is Terry Richardson. I love super front flash photography that looks effortless.

MERVEILLEUX: About your style, please describe them in three words....
Sophisticated punk

MERVEILLEUX: I saw you walked for Ashton Michael Black Label, in NYFW. How did you feel on the runway… with people starring at you?
Its very intense yet I cant look at the people. Only straight ahead to the cameras. And even then there are too many to look at.

MERVEILLEUX: What about the backstage?
MICHAEL: Back stage is much crazier. Its all this commotion and you can feel everyone’s stress in the room. All for about a 10 min show.

MERVEILLEUX: Who's your bestfriend along the "backstage"?
One of my best friends Rachel. She came out to support my debut.

MERVEILLEUX: Have you walk for another brands?
This was my first season in NYFW and I walked exclusively for Ashton Michael. However another season is right around the corner!

MERVEILLEUX: What kinds of magazine editorials have you been shooting?
MICHAEL: I do a lot of London based magazines actually. I have shot for Stuff, Client, Fiasco, Vanity Teen, and Sportswear International in the past few months. I’m hoping to work in London eventually sometime next spring.

MERVEILLEUX: Your favorite brands/designer?
MICHAEL: Hmm that’s a hard one too. I love Rad Hourani and Jil Sander

Well... Thank you so much for Michael Mendeita for changed my English ha ha ha you're my teacher dude.
Everybody can visit his facebook account just click here or his Twitter account just click here
He also has a Model Mayhem account, click here and this is his model portfolio, click here

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