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Charlotte Carey posed for "Hello Fahmi"
MERVEILLEUX: Btw, I heard the issue that you're half Indonesia, what's your origin? and have you come to Indonesia? CHARLOTTE: Yes, my mom is from Indonesia her last name is Tampubolon it's Batak, she is from Sumatra and grew up in Jakarta. I have been to Indonesia, I lived there since I was about 2-3 years old. Haven't been there since, but my mom goes back and forth still. Hoping to go there this year to see my family!

MERVEILLEUX: How old are you? Are you still on a high school?
CHARLOTTE: I'm 18 years old and I just graduated out of high school!

MERVEILLEUX: How could you be a model on the famous model agency IMG?
CHARLOTTE: I got scouted by them when I was 17, they were at my mother agency and I got introduced to them and signed with them :)

MERVEILLEUX: What will you do if you becoming famous and great supermodel like Abbey and Lara Stone?

CHARLOTTE: To be honest, it defiantly would be a dream come true and it's amazing how each supermodel are from different parts of the world like France, Italy, Russia, America, Brazil, Sweden, Austrailia, China, etc. and it's nice that I can rep. Indonesia as well if I become a supermodel! 

MERVEILLEUX: I saw your cool pose on, that was superb!!! Can you explain me, how was your first photo shoots? 
CHARLOTTE: Well my first photo shoot ever was pretty exciting and I was very nervous at the same time. I was very shy, but the photographer I worked with was very sweet and helped me a bit. I also started looking at magazines and modeling videos to help me, and its helped me a lot. 

MERVEILLEUX: Have you featured by some brands?
CHARLOTTE: I was shot for R&R, and BCBGeneration!
Hoping for more in the future!

MERVEILLEUX: What's your favorite outfit?

CHARLOTTE: I love the fall, so I'd say my favorite outfit would be very comfortable skinny black jeans, and baggy shirt with a very nice coat or blazer, some socks and boots and a scarf. Maybe a fur hat that I have? My ideal outfit for sure!
MERVEILLEUX: Who's your favorite photographer?
CHARLOTTE: My favorite photographer would have to be Mario Testino! His work is always jaw dropping!

MERVEILLEUX: Have you walk on runway? if you have, how it was?
CHARLOTTE: I have walked for a couple of shows but not for fashion week yet! I did a fun CFDA Vogue show here in LA! But Ill be doing fashion week soon. :)
MERVEILLEUX: Have you meet other gorgeous model on your agency?
CHARLOTTE: Yes, all my friends at my agency are beautiful, and I've seen Joan, and worked for Liya clothing line and met her she's very sweet, and I've seen some supermodels on the streets and they're all beautiful!
I really appreciate Charlotte replied my email, she is on busy working but she gave me the time to answer all my question. Love you Charlotte Carey, hope you can be an enormous gurls and catch your dream come true. xx Fahmi

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