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The Interview: Tora Rebecca Rose


MERVEILLEUX: I think you’re also love fashion so tell me your words about fashion?
TORA: Really, i'm not that into 'fashion' , I used to read vogue and i-d every month and check all the catwalks, but nowadays I am more inspired by films and other style icons with my own look.

MERVEILLEUX: Give me three words to describe British Style…
TORA: Individual, independant, hot.

MERVEILLEUX: Who’s your favorite fashion icon? Tell me why you love it.
TORA: Oh, I couldn't pick just one! I have so many! I'm always inspired by different people!
Brigette Bardot is my current real inspiration, she had mad sex appeal, amazing blonde hair and is just the ultimate sex bomb in my opinion.
I love Christiane F ( the film version) she was the firts real heroin chic icon I suppose. I tired to dye my hair red like hers... but that didn't work out so well!
I love Audrey Hepburn for her class and charm.
I love Amanda Lepore for her ultra glam and fierceness.
I love Motley Crue, Guns & Roses and the rest of the 80s rock bands for their mixture of trash, glam and big hair!
A few other people i'm inspired by are Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Geri Miller, Edie Sedgwick...the list goes on and on!

MERVEILLEUX: Your street style is really cool, tell me about your lovely things?
TORA: Thankyou! My favourite items are; My purple tartan Vivienne Westwood skirt, which despite being way too short, i adore, my plastic shiny leather jacket which I customised myself with a ton of studs and a motley crue t-shirt, my leopard print Motel dresses, my collection of stripper shoes, my purple fur coat, and all my Agent Provocateur items.

MERVEILLEUX: Can you tell me your style? What kind is?
TORA: I don't think I really have a label for my style, I am always changing it and am always inspired by someone or something else! I love glamour and always try to add a touch of glam when i'm going out, but I dont know what I would call my own style, I think i'm just me 


MERVEILLEUX: Have you try to take some modeling?
TORA: I've modelled since I was young, and done quite well with, been in Dazed & Confused, Vogue Italia website and more, but it is not really my dream to be a famous model, and not something I am really pursuing.

MERVEILLEUX: How much your weight and height?
TORA: i am 8 stone and half, and 5 ft 8.

MERVEILLEUX: Have you come to London Fashion Week, if you have tell me how was the London Fashion Week.
TORA: Nope, i've never been

MERVEILLEUX: Do you buy a fashion magazine like Vogue, V or etc?
TORA: I used to read a lot of fashion magazines, but not really anymore.
I find you can read everythign yo uneed to know about fashion and the latest news on the internet these days.

MERVEILLEUX: Who’s your favorite British designer?
TORA: Joseph Corre 

MERVEILLEUX: Can you tell me about the fashion mode on London? I saw British always used a Doc Mart, do you have it?
TORA: I think in London, people have very individual styles, and as London is such a diverse and mixed place, with a lot of different cultures, different peoples styles represent that. People use fashion to represent themselves, their thoughts and inspirations, not just too look good.
I have a pair which were actually borrowed to me by a friend for a festibal, which I need to give back!

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