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Matthew Zorpas was nominated the 2nd Best Dressed man in Britain by Esquire UK last September and he have been featured in publications Vogue Greece, Esquire UK, Esquire Greece, GQ UK, Facehunter to mention a few, about his style. He have been also covering London and Paris Fashion Week as a London Correspondent for Unnouveauideal ( Full time he work as a Public Relations Freelancer and promote young generation artists, designers and musicians in London.

MERVEILLEUX: I knew that you’re a fashionisto. Let me know about your favorite fashion icon, who’s your favorite designer? Why you like him/her?
MATTHEW: For me style icon has been Federico Fellini. As for favorite designers, I always admire the new generations ones like: Thorbjørn Uldam, Liria Pristine, Thomas Trautwein, Harald Lunde Helgesen, MariosAlexander . And of course some more establish ones like Alexis Mabille and Damir Doma.

MERVEILLEUX: Which one do you prefer: London FW/ParisFW/NYFW?
MATTHEW: London. Is the only fashion week that combines the right energy, emerging talents, creativity and friendly crowd.

MERVEILLEUX: Have you come to some fashion show? If you have, how was the show?
MATTHEW: I am the London Correspondent for Un nouveau Ideal by Filep Motwary ( ) and I have covered quite many shows for the blog.
Shows are always great, especially if you have a good seat. I will definitely never forget the Gareth Pugh show in London, probably four years ago. Anna Wintour was there and the show was just groundbreaking.

MERVEILLEUX: What do you think about fashion in the future?
MATTHEW: That’s unpredictable.

MERVEILLEUX: I saw your looks on your facebook account, I think you’re a fresh face of male model, why don’t you take a modeling career?
 MATTHEW: That’s a compliment, but no. We don’t get any taller after 18 right?

MERVEILLEUX: What’s your favorite outfit?
MATTHEW: One? … A raincoat by MariosAlexander, a neckpiece by Liria Pristine, some great trousers by Harald Lunde Helgesen and a pair of shoes by Kenneth Cole.

MERVEILLEUX: Have you meet a beautiful model? If you have met, who? When and where?
MATTHEW: Lily Cole at a Vivienne Westwood show some years ago.

MERVEILLEUX: What’s your favorite quote?
MATTHEW: Who will guard the guards themselves?

MERVEILLEUX: Do you have a plan for your future? Or maybe just a dream?
MATTHEW: I’m about to open my own PR agency, working already with some really creative talents. I’m currently happy of what am doing, no need for a future plan. My dream is to retired at the age of 40.

MERVEILLEUX: You looks chic and cool with your outfit, can you describe about your style?
MATTHEW: I am usually braving the idea of a metropolitan and sophisticated style, which incorporates my own personality and fits all occasions. Most of the times choose to wear new generation designers such as Carolyn Massey, JWAnderson, ioannisdimitrousis and MariosAlexander which clothes always stand out. In terms of my colour pallete, I choose bold, vibrant colours and number of layers which I believe adds richness and dynamism to my style.

MERVEILLEUX: In the end of interview, give me your best fashion quote…
MATTHEW: “Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.” Henry David Thoreau.

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  1. Congrats, Fam! Such a good interview and you've improved your English a lot (although some are still incorrect) but i give you 4 thumbs up! <3

  2. Awww thankyou so much. Yes, I'll improve my english :) xx