mardi, décembre 26, 2017

Un Poème de la Méfiance

L'obscurité m'ammène jusqu'au bout de la rue
Je ne sais pas quelle rue dois-je choisir
Pour arriver à la fin de mon drame
À la mise fin de ma silence

Ma foi va à cette rue
"Mais non, je crois que celle-là étant meilleure"
"Je pense que non, elle est la bonne rue"
"bah, d'après moi celle-ci est mieux"

Plus que je suis confus
Plus que la vie m'offre des choix
Des choix qu'on ne peut pas s'éclater
Sur la vie, realité et le futur

Oh lumière, que ton existence
Puisse me donner envie de me baigner
Dans la joie dans la jeunesse
Oh l'âme de la confiance

mercredi, novembre 22, 2017

Le Monde des Poètes

22.30 j’ai commencé à écrire                                                     Non, ce n’est pas le message instant
Non plus, quelques choses pour rire                                              C’est la crie de cœur, de pensée.

   Cela semble bizarre pour certains                                           On dit que c’est trop mélancolique
   C’est la mode d’une époque, pourtant.                                     On a des adhérents, pas de likes.

On peut crier fortement              Soit sous un papier,             sous la note de portable
  Avec de la musique ou sans    Dans la solitude ou                   autour du monde

Mais de quoi on parle ?             Il faut savoir d’abord
            Sinon, on va se perdre
Et on arrive au bord

   C’est comme ça
Le monde des poètes
    Que j’aime moi
Pour ne pas être muet

Forme inspirée par Guillaume Apollinaire


lundi, novembre 20, 2017

For a Meaningful and Graceful Life, We Do Need to Listen to this Song.

I've been watching the Miss World 2017 Coronation Night last Saturday that has been held in Sanya, China. But then in the moment where the organization of this even gave a humanitarian award for a Filipino, Father Rockie, who fight for the lives of Filipinos kids who don't have a shelter to live, I have listened carefully to the values of his action and also to his speech about the means of a song entitled You Raise me Up by Josh Groban.

I felt like so emotional while listening to the speech I have ever heard from someone who do really care to others. And that was the moment when I finally considered that song as a song that could lift up others live because of a deep value through its lyrics. So then I decided to write you all about my thoughts for this song.

Josh Groban is American Grammy awardee who is well known as a singer who really has such deep and meaningful songs. His voice is so magical. He could transform my minds while listening to his song. The recent song that I heard is Evermore. This song is the original sound track for the film Beauty and The Beast. But now, I would not talk about this song but I will share you guys about the values that I've learnt from You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban. In the beginning, I will write about the lyrics. And in the end I will write my global thought for this song.

When I am down, and, oh, my soul, so wearyWhen troubles come, and my heart burdened beThen, I am still and wait here in the silenceUntil you come and sit awhile with me
In the first and second lines, I think it describes the hard situation of someone where life gets hard, difficulties come, and so it's stressful and painful. Then in the end that person is trapped to the silence where he/she waits and hopes for some helps of someone. The presence of "You" in this passage could have two meanings. In the first place, just because I consider Josh Groban as a religious singer, I thought "you" here means something/someone who has a powerful soul that could heal or release this silence, I could assume it as the representation of God. In another hand, I think that "you" represent someone who could be so meaningful for someone life, like for example father, mother, family, or even best friends. Because I think with them, we could also feel peaceful and avoid loneliness.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountainsYou raise me up to walk on stormy seasI am strong when I am on your shouldersYou raise me up to more than I can be
In this passage, the representation of You is really often repeated. But, the mean of "you" in this passage is more into the representation of God or our parents. Because literally, the word raise has a closest meaning to elevating someone which could be related to the lives of parents or God. By this passage, we could know also that the representation of someone/something in life is so meaningful. In the first and second line of this passage, I assume that a help from "you" could guide someone to reach our goals no matter how struggle ourselves to beat the obstacles of our life. 

The presence of mountain has a meaning like goals, because as we know that when we walk in to the top mountain, we feel relief like we have conquered our fear, our goal, and our patience. The obstacles are represented by the presence of the words stormy seas. In the third line, I thought there is a strong influence of the representation of "you" in the life of someone. It could boost up someone life by helping or caring. The mean of caring is represented by the words "I am on your shoulder". I thought that by laying on someone shoulder, it could release some stress and pain of life. And in the last line, the message of this line is by elevating/caring/helping someone life, it could change his/her perspective that he/she couldn't solve by himself/herself. This passage is repeated 4 times in the lyrics of the song which means that is the principal message of the song. Listening and repeating this passage is like recognizing someone's representation in our lives, that we feel blessed to have them. 

In the end I would conclude that I feel so blessed while hearing this song. It motivates me not only to be more respectful and caring to others lives that already elevate, help, and give their times to me, but also to live myself passionately and gracefully. I think the values of this song need to be transfer to anyone so that we could find peace and positive. Moreover, the values that Father Rockie lives everyday should be our reflection to live in the world who already fragile. I think we do need to develop his action for a better and meaningful world.

Happy Listening Guys!

samedi, novembre 18, 2017

Je suis tombé

Des heures passées dans la boîte
Des feuilles tombées pas loin de l'arbre
Tout est calme
Tout est effrayant

Le froid sans cesse
Je cache, je cherche
La gentillesse, les promesses
L'espoir de tendresse

Des séjours sans famille,
Ce sourire de Justice se brille
On m'a accueilli
On était gentil

Durant le temps qui passait
On s'est échangés
On s'est amusés
Je suis tombé

Ah zut, tomber ce n'était pas bien
Il y a toujours des gens
On ne peut faire rien
Je suis chiant

Mais oui, mon cœur est attaché, déjà
Mais je ne sais pas
Il m'a dit qu'il faut des pas
Pour qu'on sache, c'est quoi

Sa présence m'influence
Elle me donne des souffrances
Il y a toujours des tendances
Car on a la différence

Il faut du temps, oui
Mais j'aimerais que tu sois ici
Aujourd'hui, à l'avenir
Pour emballir ma vie...

vendredi, septembre 29, 2017

New Phase of Life; Living in Cergy

Hey Bloggers!

It’s kinda sad that I forgot to write you about what I’ve done during these months! Well, like what my lecturer said that some writers may get inspired by everything happened in their lives. Yeah, I truly agree.

I am in the phase where my life was changed since I decided to leave my country and live in my dream country. Moving from Indonesia and France is such a big decision for me. I have to quit my job, my family, my best friends and everything. At the day where I departed to France, I was thinking that I would stay just for some days, but then I realize that I live in a country where some people isn’t that easy to talk to strangers, where everything isn’t that simple as we thought, where some people are easily angry by a little thing that could be solved by patience. Until now, I still wonder why I am really brave living alone in a small city where nobody knows me.

Well, I came here for my study. I started my master study at 21 September 2017 in Université de Cergy-Pontoise. I choose this city because at first I concentrated myself on the study that I have to pass to become a diplomat, no matter which kind of university that I get. Anyway, becoming a diplomat is my biggest dream of my life since I was in high school. But the fact is that living in Cergy is truly something that changed my life a lot. Comparing to Paris, this is a small city where you can’t get a metro nearest to your home. This city has a kind of Velib and buses to commute in the city. But for going to Paris, it has RER A which commutes every 15-20 minutes (I guess) from Cergy Préfecture to Paris. To go to Paris it takes about 20-30 minutes, depends on the technical problems. I have experienced commuting from Paris to Cergy for about 1 hour because of what we call accident routier.

While my university is 850 meters away from my home, I don’t have an access of transport that could easily take me faster. I should walk for about 20-25 minutes or if I am in hurry I could pass 15 minutes of walk! It’s hectic for me because in terms of time, I have to arrange really well my alarm so that I wouldn’t be late to attend the classes. But, I am blessed living here, even though it takes times to go to university, I still get times doing sport and looking the leaves falling everyday cause of that routine. Hahaha.

Well, this is already 22.11, it’s not that late but I have to review the lessons of today and for tomorrow!

Catch up later, Bloggers!